Getting Started

The Clueless Company is a business consulting firm helping startups and established companies in the B2B and D2C sector align their marketing, sales and support operations for success.
Often, businesses focus on executing activities one after other for marketing, sales and customer service. But, there’s no fixed strategy, plan of action or performance tracking into those activities. Consultants will not only act as strategists, but also your mentors towards success. You need consulting from The Clueless Company, because we use our experience of 20 years to guide you on the path to success and better branding.
You can sign up for a free consultation with us as the first step. We understand your business and requirements, and prepare a customized scope of work and quotation based on our expertise and research.
Once we have your nod and you process the payment of the first month, we will get started with the suggested activities.
The timeline depends on various factors like industry response, team response and involvement from your end. We suggest performing these activities for a minimum of 6 to 12 months continuously.


Once we gain understanding about your business and your requirements, we make a customized plan of action and share with you along with a custom quote. Because each business is unique, so are our strategies.

We follow a monthly billing cycle which starts from the day we onboard you on our bandwagon.

About The Clueless Company

We cater to B2B IT and D2C businesses at The Clueless Company.
Our founders carry a combined 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and customer service operations. Mehul and Manasi, both have been seasoned professionals over the years and helped their previous organization grow exponentially.
Yes, we help you in executing the marketing strategies. Whereas, for sales and customer service, we coordinate with your team to get the needful done.
Most agencies only focus on the marketing side of the business, but The Clueless Company also covers sales and support part because all three are important to every organisation.

Digital Marketing Services

We carry 7+ years of experience in digital marketing.
SEO optimization is a continuous and long-term process. Various activities are required to be carried out to ensure that a website reaches the right audience. The response of these activities depends on various factors and Google algorithms. So, we do not recommend setting any particular timeline for the optimization.
No, we help you organize everything from our location, and ensure that everything goes smoothly.
No, we only provide help with inbound and digital marketing strategy consulting.
Yes, of course. The Clueless Company will help with recruitment and training of your marketing team.
The platforms depend on where your target audience is, and their purchase patterns. We analyze these aspects and suggest the best platforms for performance marketing to reach relevant audiences.
Yes, we help with planning and execution of both: short and long term strategies.
We carry comprehensive experience in content marketing, and provide content writing services for websites, email marketing, blogs, collaterals, social media and more.
Absolutely, The Clueless Company will not only help you in setting up your marketing CRM, but will also assist you in choosing the best marketing tools for you.
Yes, The Clueless Company provides WhatsApp marketing services, and it works extremely well especially for Indian customers.

Sales Consulting Services

No, we only provide end-to-end consulting for sales strategies, training and recruiting. But, we do not help you make those sales.
The training takes about 2-3 weeks based on the number of sessions scheduled each week and the response rate of your team members.
We provide guidance on how to take follow-ups, and the techniques behind the same. If you need the content of follow-up emails, we’d be happy to provide you with them at an additional cost.
Sales is a patience game. While we will ensure consistent attention on your sales numbers and how your target audience acts, we do not make any promises with numbers. However, we do help you set up different KPIs of the strategies we implement.
Absolutely, The Clueless Company will not only help you in setting up your sales CRM, but will also assist you in choosing the best sales system for you.

Customer Experience Consultancy

A CX or customer experience consultant is someone who helps you set up touch points of customer interactions with your organization to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, he/she helps with customer retention strategies for their delight at each stage. The Clueless Company is one such CX consulting firm.
No, we do not provide customer support on your behalf. Since customer support is better provided by in-house and experienced personnel, we highly recommend you to build a dedicated department for the same. We will, however, help you with team building and training.
It can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months. We start with basics and gradually establish different processes at different stages of the customer journey based on your inputs and your team’s capabilities.
Absolutely, The Clueless Company will not only help you in setting up your customer service CRM, but will also assist you in choosing the best helpdesk ticketing system for you.

Communication and Soft Skills Training

We provide comprehensive training on soft skills; like handling calls, client requests, understanding requirements along with written and verbal communication.
No, we provide training to freshers and experienced people, alike. However, the schedule and training material will vary based on their role and experience.
It completely depends on how many sessions each week. We provide a custom training schedule based on the skills you want to cover.
Yes, we provide certification after the completion of training.

Consulting for Startups

We mentor startups from the B2B IT and D2C sector.
No, we serve customers from all over the world. In fact, a couple of our customers are from overseas. Our experience belongs to serving and marketing to local and international audiences as well. Check out our clients for better clarity.
No, we do not help startups or companies in finding investors. But, we do help in accomplishing your targets to get funding.
The Clueless Company provides marketing and sales consulting for startups along with setting up the entire customer engagement journey, right from the start. Check our services for startups in detail here.
The three initial steps to establishing a startup are:
  1. Ideation Look for a burning problem and develop a solution for that. If you don’t solve a problem no one will care about your startup.
  2. Ideation Figure out who your potential customers are and talk to them. Ask them if they would pay for such a service. Don’t worry about someone stealing your idea. It’s not about the idea, but about the execution.
  3. MVP Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It should have only the most crucial features. Use no-code tools to build an MVP.
An angel investor is an individual who provides capital for a business or businesses start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.
Angel investors usually give support to start-ups at the initial moments and when most investors are not prepared to back them
For better understanding, read this thread. You can find them at:
  1. Angel Capital Association
  2. Angel Investment Network
  3. Angel Forum
A good network can do wonders in helping you find angel investors for your business.will give you clarity.

Let’s understand what you should do on different levels, namely Service level, Business level, and Personal level.

Service level
Make sure to provide the best customer experience.
Make this a rule to under-promise and over-deliver.
Initially, you can take all kinds of customers with a little compromise on pricing. Once you start you can change on the go.
Business level
Understand your audience. Talk to them and try to figure out their pain points.
Create content not to sell your service but to educate your audience. Add value to get value.
Once you know your target audience, it will be easier to sell. If you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one. Make your processes streamline. Keep innovating and automating.
Keep collaboration above the competition. The world is abundant and a zero-sum mentality takes you nowhere.
Personal level
When you are new build your brand as it will help you lift your business.
Don’t take too much on your plate. Take it one at a time, one day at a time. It is not a sprint but a marathon. You can’t go a long way alone, so build a team that stands strongly by your side.
Prioritize tasks, so you don’t get overwhelmed Remember to take some time off and re-evaluate things periodically.
Talk to people about your business, and try explaining your service in a single line. This will give you clarity. Have a clear mind and a clearer desk.

Corporate Strategists

Corporate strategists are those who help established businesses with activities that help improve their brand positioning and grow their revenue in numbers, customer acquisition and revenue. Corporate strategists like The Clueless Company help businesses align their marketing, sales and customer service operations for gradual growth.
Yes, we help you with strategies and activities that eventually lead to new customer acquisition.
We take a look at the historical data and audience behavior on various platforms to determine what works and what doesn’t. This helps us zero in on best channels and practices for growth.

Would you like us to help you grow your business?

Book a free consultation with Manasi & Mehul and get an idea of what we can do for you.