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How do we help with your customer care strategy?

Understanding your business, industry and expectations

Digging deep into your customers’ pain points

Analysing your current customer engagement processes

Sharing strategies to improve customer experience

Implementing those strategies with your team

Our Services as Customer Experience Consultants

Customer experience is not only limited to your product or service, but also with your organization as a whole. That makes it pivotal for your business growth and customer retention. This is what we provide under customer experience consulting, which is aimed at enhancing your brand positioning.

Team Building

The Clueless Company helps you build the entire customer service department at your organization. This allows you to focus on other areas of your business. With that, we set up relevant KPIs and MIS to track productivity and progress.

Training for Services

Under our customer experience consulting services, we train your team to understand end user requirements, which further helps them pose as the best CX consultants. In addition, we enable a constant focus on client care and delight.

Customer Service Processes

We provide end-to-end CX consulting and establish processes for the customer support team. Aspects like ticketing system, follow up and response templates to everything around enriched customer journey are handled.

Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy

We aid you with best customer retention strategies that turn your customers into brand loyalists. Right from implementation to performance monitoring of those strategies, we take care of the whole shebang.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer all possible questions for customer service consulting.
A CX or customer experience consultant is someone who helps you set up touch points of customer interactions with your organization to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, he/she helps with customer retention strategies for their delight at each stage. The Clueless Company is one such CX consulting firm.

No, we do not provide customer support on your behalf. Since customer support is better provided by in-house and experienced personnel, we highly recommend you to build a dedicated department for the same. We will, however, help you with team building and training through our CX consultancy services.

It can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months. We start with basics and gradually establish different processes at different stages of the customer journey based on your inputs and your team’s capabilities.

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