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How Do We Mentor Enterprise Businesses?

Understanding Your Business & Offerings

Getting Acquainted with Market & Target Audience

Analysing Your Current Strategies and Performance

Building a Scope of Work and Growth Strategy

Executing the Strategy Based on Business Goals

Our Services as Business Corporate Strategist

We don’t just act as your consultants or mentors, but rather; as your business partners. We walk hand in hand with you as we help you implement the gradual business transformation. Our services include:

Product Development Strategy

Whether you have a new product or an existing one, we will build you a great product roadmap and development strategy that works for you and for your target audience. We help you build a solution, instead of limiting it to a product.

Business Growth Strategy

Business growth isn’t just limited to increase in numbers but improvement in brand presence, reputation, product acceptance and team. We are the business strategist consultants who help you with all the aspects of your growth.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies and ideas often get outdated and overlooked for established enterprises. We ensure that it does not happen for your business. From digital marketing to offline marketing strategies, we cover the A-Z of it.

Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy has to be as strong as your product is. The Clueless Company helps you build over and revise your sales strategies with an up-to-date approach and processes to optimize your customer acquisition cost.

Customer Retention Strategy

For established businesses like yours, retaining customers and giving importance to customer experience is imperative. As your business mentor, we devise a solid customer retention strategy to establish a brand presence.

Operational Optimization

You need optimized and proper processes in place to lower your expenses and improve your profit margin. We help you optimize your current processes and set up new ones for maximum efficiency and yield.

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Explore the predictive strength of leading indicators and the analytical power of lagging metrics to supercharge growth.

Unravel the complexities of SaaS valuation. Explore essential metrics and approaches to confidently assess the value of your SaaS venture.

Blend art and analytics in sales emails. Discover the science-backed components that ensure your pitches are persuasive and productive.

Frequently asked questions

Answering all your questions about our services as business strategists.

Corporate strategists are those who help established businesses with activities that help improve their brand positioning and grow their revenue in numbers, customer acquisition and revenue. Corporate strategist like The Clueless Company help businesses align their marketing, sales and customer service operations for gradual growth.

Yes, we help you with strategies and activities that eventually lead to new customer acquisition.
We take a look at the historical data and audience behavior on various platforms to determine what works and what doesn’t. This helps us zero in on best channels and practices for growth.

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