Breaking New Grounds in Growth: OnRes’s Journey with The Clueless Company

Refined Strategy

TCC has been able to provide value to OnRes with strategy backed with data and insights that work better than gut instincts.

Better Online Reach

With targeted implementation, OnRes is reaching new heights everyday on SERPs, as well as market positioning.


OnRes, a seasoned player in hospitality technology, faced a concerning issue: their growth had plateaued. Despite stable revenues, the company was not seeing the anticipated increase in numbers. The stagnation led them to seek expertise in customer engagement and innovative marketing strategies to not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones.

The Clueless Company, with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, was chosen for their deep understanding of the audience and their ability to devise effective strategies.


Knowledge Base Setup
Customer Retention Strategy
Content Management
Digital Marketing Consulting
Blogging Strategy
Customer Acquisition
Review Strategy
Management Consulting

Approach Taken

Our approach for OnRes was holistic, with an aim to keep their existing positioning, while boosting their brand positioning in mind:

  • Initial Assessment and Planning: We began with a comprehensive analysis of OnRes’s current market position, customer base, and existing marketing efforts. This allowed us to identify key areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.
  • Customer Insight and Segmentation: Utilizing data analytics, we segmented OnRes’s customer base to understand different customer needs and preferences. This informed our strategy for targeted marketing and personalized customer engagement.
  • Common Customer Queries: In order to revamp the knowledge base, we took to understanding the common queries OnRes’ customers came to their support with.
  • SEO Optimization: We conducted an in-depth SEO audit and implemented a strategy focusing on keyword optimization, on-page SEO, and link building to improve OnRes’s search engine rankings.
  • Content Strategy Overhaul: TCC, having an expertise in search engine and content marketing redesigned the content strategy, focusing on creating high-value, SEO-friendly content that resonated with both existing and potential customers.
  • Blogging and Thought Leadership: Regular blogging was initiated to establish OnRes as a thought leader in the hospitality technology space, attracting new audiences and building brand credibility.
  • Dynamic Marketing Execution: Implementing innovative marketing campaigns designed to engage existing customers and attract new ones.

What made it easier for us was our years of experience in hospitality technology. 

‘They are great folks to work with’, says Steve, the Director of OnRes. 

Needless to say, all strategies TCC implemented are continuously monitored for performance, with regular adjustments made based on evolving market trends and customer feedback.


The comprehensive RevOps services led to a revamped approach in how OnRes interacted with their market. This included an enhanced online presence, a more engaging content strategy, and innovative marketing campaigns.

  • Integrated RevOps Framework: We implemented a holistic RevOps framework that aligned all customer-facing operations, from marketing to sales and customer service to review strategy, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Through SEO and content management, OnRes’s website traffic increased significantly, with a higher ranking in search engine results.
  • Knowledge Base Development: A robust knowledge base was set up to provide customers with easy access to information, reducing support calls and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Engaging Content and Social Media Presence: The new content and social media strategies resulted in higher engagement rates, with increased shares, likes, and comments, fostering a community around the brand.
  • Effective Customer Retention Programs: Our customer retention strategies, including personalized communication and loyalty programs, led to an increased customer lifetime value.
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies: Our marketing strategies effectively captured the attention of potential customers, leading to an increase in inquiries and conversions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The use of analytics and customer feedback informed ongoing strategy adjustments, ensuring OnRes stayed ahead of market trends and customer needs.

What Steve loved about TCC is the thoroughness of content, understanding of the requirements and our timely deliveries. 


The results were multifaceted and profoundly impactful:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: Improved customer retention and satisfaction rates.
  • Heightened Online Visibility: Enhanced online presence through effective SEO and content strategies.
  • New Customer Acquisition: Successful attraction of new customers through targeted marketing strategies.
  • Long-Term Client Relationship: OnRes has been a client for over a year, showcasing the sustainability and effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

Our co-founder Manasi says, ‘The Clueless Company is always onboard a journey to make an impact. Partnering with OnRes for a marketing makeover was one such success story. From website revamp to strategic fine-tuning, our collaboration has defined excellence. Delighted to be part of their transformation.’

TCC continues to empower OnRes in enhancing their online presence and proving their mettle in the hospitality industry. 

OnRes Results in Website Impressions
OnRes Results in Leads
OnRes Results in Website Visitors
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