Why RevOps, you ask?

Brands adopting revenue operations witness a positive change in their teams, outputs, and the bottom line, profits. 


Improvement in Closing Deals


Increase in Internal Customer Satisfaction


Faster Revenue Growth


Faster Growth

Where can we help you?

From marketing, sales, customer engagement and the corresponding operations, we provide RevOps and growth consulting for B2B SaaS startups and established businesses.

RevOps Consulting

We work on aligning your marketing, sales and customer support operations to optimize outputs and revenue growth in a sustainable manner.

Customer Service Consulting

We are your mentors for customer engagement strategies; ensuring that your customers get a memorable experience with the brand.

Product GTM Strategy

We devise the entire Go-to-Market strategy for your product or service to help you reach the right audience with the right messaging.

Marketing Consulting

We help you build a comprehensive marketing and lead generation strategy effective for long-term as well as short-term.

Sales Consulting

From sales pitches and negotiations to the art of follow ups, we guide you through detailed sales strategies to acquire more customers.

Operational Optimization

We coordinate with you and your marketing, sales and other departments to optimise your operations and processes at each step to yield high efficiency.

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Supporting Your B2B SaaS with RevOps & Sweat Equity Investment

As a startup founder, you want to see good numbers for your business, and find a product-market-fit for your brand. 

But, what if all your budget is spent in developing the product? Don’t worry, TCC has got your back as a sweat equity investor. How? Find the details here. 

Why Revenue Operations with TCC?

We know how the B2B SaaS sector works. We have seen businesses grow and fail for several reasons, one of them being misaligned operations, and our objective is to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

So, why should you pick The Clueless Company as your RevOps consultant over other marketing agencies or sales consultants? 

About Manasi

Manasi is an automation enthusiast, and an engineer turned marketer. Having had a knack of storytelling since her childhood, Manasi has the experience of planning and executing successful marketing and branding strategies, building hybrid teams and implementing various sales enablement processes and KPIs.
If you want your business’s story to be remembered, she’s the right person to go for.

About Mehul

Mehul, having an experience of over 13 years in B2B SaaS sales and support, has built and cultivated teams to succeed under his leadership. He understands the impact of empowered sales and customer service teams in a competitive world.
The Clueless Company aims to empower such teams and companies to grow beyond their targets, day-to-day operations and KPIs.

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How do we work?

The way we work is a bit different than the typical agencies or consultants you will come across. You won’t find us telling you what to do and what not from Day 1.

Nah, instead, we take a step-by-step approach towards introducing your brand to revenue operations and the alignment it requires for success. Ready to roll with TCC?

Latest gossip from the humans at TCC

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Frequently asked questions

We figure you might have some questions about what we do and how. Check out our FAQs to get all the answers.
Our founders carry a combined 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and customer service operations. Mehul and Manasi, both have been seasoned professionals over the years and helped their previous organization grow exponentially.
No, we do not help startups or companies in finding investors. But, we do help in accomplishing your targets to get funding.
We follow a monthly billing cycle which starts from the day we onboard you on our bandwagon.
Yes, we help you in executing the marketing strategies. Whereas, for sales and customer service, we coordinate with your team to get the needful done.
The Clueless Company provides marketing and sales consulting for startups along with setting up the entire customer engagement journey, right from the start.


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