How TCC Helped Fördel Studios Enhance their Online Presence from a Twitter Relationship

Improved Online Presence

A better online presence and thought leadership that comes from content resonating with the brand.

Streamlined Content Management

Fördel Studios now remains up-to-speed with content updates on their website which impacts their SERPs.


The Co-Founder of Fördel Studios faced a crucial challenge: ensuring their website made a powerful first impression.

As a startup in the competitive IT consulting sector, the quality and search engine optimization (SEO) of their website content were paramount, as well as a compelling copy that engages with the target audience.

This challenge was compounded by a lack of clear direction or expertise in these areas.

He connected with Manasi and Mehul on X (formally known as Twitter), which started the long-lasting relationship of two startups aiming to make big in their respective industries.

Initially, he approached The Clueless Company to ask us for a free consultation on a startup idea he had. We shared our honest opinions. A few months later, when the idea of Fördel Studios came into the picture, and the requirements of a high-converting website content came up, he thought of The Clueless Company.


Content Consulting

Approach Taken

Our approach was multifaceted and strategic: Understanding Brand Messaging: The first step is to understand the basics of the brand messaging (how did they want to establish Fördel Studios as in the market), their target audience, and the content tone on the website.

  • Competitor Audit: Next, we began with a thorough content audit of the competitor websites to understand their offerings.
  • SEO Analysis: Concurrently, we conducted an in-depth SEO analysis to understand how to enable the website’s visibility and searchability.
  • Client Collaboration: We worked closely with Fördel Studios to understand their brand voice and business objectives, ensuring our content strategy was aligned with their vision.
  • Content Development: Our team of expert writers crafted high-quality, engaging content optimized for SEO.
  • Ongoing Consultation: Throughout the process, we provided continuous consultancy to empower Fördel Studios with knowledge and best practices in content management and SEO.


The solution was a brand new website that not only looked professional but was also optimized for search engines. The content was both engaging and informative, reflecting Fördel Studios’ expertise and unique value proposition in the IT consulting industry.

Additionally, we equipped the Co-Founder with the tools and knowledge for ongoing content and SEO management.

“Working alongside Fördel Studios was a remarkable journey of turning challenges into opportunities. By providing expert content writing services, we transformed their website from a blank canvas to a captivating masterpiece. The success story of Fördel Studios showcases not only the power of collaboration but also the impact of quality content today. We are honored to have been part of their journey towards excellence”, says Mehul, our co-founder and sales therapist.


With Fördel Studios, we never aimed to close it as a sale from day 0. Rather, we focused on relationship building, which established trust between both organizations.

This is what the client had to share about his experience of working with The Clueless Company, ‘TCC has been a valuable partner for my business. They have helped me to improve my online presence and establish myself as a thought leader in my industry. I have been very pleased with the quality of service that they have provided and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. The relationship built through Twitter turned out to be a fruitful one and the expertise in the domain was truly valuable”.

The results were significant and multifaceted:

  • Enhanced Online Presence: Fördel Studios’ website saw improved visibility in search engine results, attracting more potential clients.
  • Increased Engagement: The quality of the content led to increased engagement from visitors, with longer session durations and lower bounce rates.
  • Empowerment and Sustainability: The Co-Founder gained essential skills in content and SEO management, ensuring the long-term sustainability of their online presence.
  • Business Growth: These improvements contributed to an increase in client inquiries and conversions, fueling the growth and success of Fördel Studios as a rising star in IT consulting.
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