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A Sneak Peek into the Sweat Equity Partnership

Understanding the business & offerings

Familiarizing with your target audience

Analysing competitors

Building the scope of work & plan of action

Executing the suggested activities

Our Services for the Brands Offering Sweat Equity

We help B2B SaaS companies establish their brand in the market and grow commercially with end-to-end business and RevOps consulting services and strategies.

Marketing Empowerment

TCC expands your reach with solid marketing strategies and adds to your promotional activities keeping intent in mind.

Sales Enablement

We enable your sales teams with revised, yet solid strategies and processes with end-to-end sales consultation and training services.

Customer Engagement

The Clueless Company helps you employ effective customer engagement strategies, which in turn increase your retention.

Team Building & Training

We not only help you with practical strategies but also with building your teams from scratch, right from hiring them to training them with useful skills.

Business Development

TCC’s core responsibility as your sweat equity partner would be to see your business growth across the world. We track every KPI you should be aware of.

Management & More

Adept in revenue operations, The Clueless Company sets up every process and executes every strategy with the goal of optimizing revenue in mind.

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Frequently asked questions

We figure you might have some questions about how we become sweat equity investors. Check out our FAQs to get all the answers.

Sweat equity is a type of equity where you as a startup founder part with your equity in exchange for sweat viz. time and effort instead of funds.

No, there is no minimum limit. We shall decide the equity percentage based on discussions and negotiations. 

Say, you are running a startup, building and selling a SaaS product for B2B brands. You have built the product, but do not have sufficient funds to promote or sell the product. Fundraising on the other hand is a long and tedious process. In such a situation, you can approach a sweat equity investor, who is willing to promote and sell your product to your target market in exchange for equity. This is a win-win for both parties because you get numbers on the table, revenue running and an active product-market-fit to secure funding.

Yes, it absolutely is. For those startups who are unable to raise a capital in seed or initial rounds or wish to remain bootstrapped until they find a product-market-fit, sweat equity is a great way to achieve it.

Are you a startup stuck with a product?

Perhaps we can help promote it?