Swyftin’s Story: Crafting a Niche in Hotel Upselling with Expert Marketing Guidance

Product Differentiation & Market Fit

The product development roadmap successfully guided Swyftin in creating a solution that fulfilled market needs in an effective manner.

Increased Brand Awareness

The content and digital marketing efforts significantly raised Swyftin's profile in the hospitality industry, leading to greater brand recognition.


The co-founder of Swyftin, a nascent hotel upsell platform, was at a crossroads about how to effectively promote their product in the highly competitive hospitality industry. As a startup, Swyftin’s aim was to carve out a distinctive market position. 

Recognizing The Clueless Company’s extensive experience in the hospitality sector, Swyftin became their first client, entrusting them with the task of shaping their market entry.


Product Development Roadmap
Market Research
Content Marketing and Consulting
Digital Marketing
Integrations and Partnerships
Sales Piplelines
Lead Generation Funnel

Approach Taken

We took a straightforward approach with Swyftin, having worked in the hospitality industry previously. 

  • In-depth Market Research: Conducted thorough market research to gain insights into the hospitality industry’s trends, customer needs, and competitor analysis. This research informed the product features, design, and unique selling points, ensuring Swyftin’s offering would effectively resonate with its target audience.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Suggested a content marketing strategy that highlighted Swyftin’s unique selling points in alignment with their business goals and engaged potential customers.=
  • Digital Marketing Initiatives: Crafted digital marketing campaigns tailored to the hospitality industry, aimed at increasing brand visibility and product awareness.
  • 3rd Party Integrations: Facilitated partnerships and integrations with key players in the hospitality industry to enhance Swyftin’s market penetration and product value.


The Clueless Company provided an integrated solution that spanned from product development to market launch.

This approach included tailoring Swyftin’s product to the hospitality market’s needs, enhancing its digital presence, and establishing key industry partnerships, all designed to position Swyftin as a leader in hotel upsell solutions.

  • Product Development Roadmap: Collaborated with Swyftin to develop a detailed product development roadmap. This roadmap outlined key phases and features, ensuring that the product met specific market needs and stood out in the hospitality industry.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Developed a content marketing strategy to establish Swyftin as a thought leader in the hotel upsell space. This included creating engaging and informative content tailored to hoteliers, highlighting the benefits and efficiencies of using Swyftin’s platform.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Implemented targeted digital marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness and generate leads. These campaigns were optimized for the hospitality industry and aimed to showcase the unique benefits of Swyftin’s product.
  • SEO Optimization: Executed an SEO strategy focusing on keywords relevant to the hospitality upsell market. This strategy was designed to enhance Swyftin’s online visibility, attract organic traffic, and improve search engine rankings.

In addition, we designed sales pipelines to help Swyftin improve their lead generation process. We delivered the project on time within six months and also gave Swyftin the chance to assess and enhance any processes that required refinement during this period.

Our expertise in sales, marketing, and support was commended by Nikhil, Swyftin’s co-founder who said, ‘Their expertise in these areas was just great.’


Swyftin witnessed significant growth and market acceptance. Their product, armed with a unique value proposition, gained traction in the hospitality industry. 

‘I connected with Nikhil even before TCC started its operations. Swyftin will always hold a special place for us. It was a learning experience for us while we helped them find their footing in the industry. We are glad to have worked with them’, says Mehul.

  • Enhanced Online Presence: The SEO strategy improved Swyftin’s online visibility, resulting in higher website traffic and better search engine ranking, which facilitated increased lead generation.
  • Strategic Industry Relationships: The partnerships and integrations with key industry players not only enhanced the product’s value proposition but also expanded its market reach and credibility.
  • Market Penetration and Customer Acquisition: These combined efforts resulted in successful market penetration, with Swyftin securing notable clients in the hospitality sector, leading to an increase in customer acquisition and revenue.
  • Foundation for Future Growth: Swyftin established a strong foundation for future growth, with a clear roadmap, effective marketing strategies, and industry partnerships paving the way for continued success and expansion in the hospitality market.

The combination of effective digital marketing, SEO, and strategic partnerships facilitated Swyftin’s emergence as a notable player in the hotel upsell sector, laying a solid foundation for future expansion and success.

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