Aruti’s Step Forward: Navigating the HR-Tech Landscape with Precision

Increased Market Visibility

TCC’s product launch and marketing efforts led to magnified reach and brand visibility in the market.

Empowered Teams

The Aruti team was empowered with new skills and tools, enabling them to continue driving growth and maintaining competitiveness.


Aruti, a people management solutions provider, was on the brink of launching a cloud-based version of their existing desktop application. 

The main challenge was developing a comprehensive Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy and operational framework for this launch. 

This included setting up marketing, sales, and customer service operations, team training, management consulting, and crafting a brand message that resonated with their target audience.

The management at Aruti was familiar with Mehul and Manasi and their work at the last job they worked at, which made them go for TCC and their services. 


Competition Analysis
Market Research
Pricing Strategy
GTM Strategy
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Website Designing
Business Operations Tools Implementation
Sales Strategy Consulting
Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Approach Taken

Our approach to helping Aruti consisted of making data-driven decisions, and deeply understanding their current customer-base and product, as well as their mindset behind developing the cloud-based platform.

We had detailed discussions with the management team, product development team as well as the operations team to understand their perspectives on the shift that would be happening with this launch, and got to working with the following approaches:

  • In-depth Market Analysis: We began with extensive competition analysis and market research to understand the landscape and identify opportunities.
  • Pricing Strategy Development: Based on our research, we formulated a competitive pricing strategy aligning with market expectations and Aruti’s value proposition.
  • GTM Strategy Formulation: We devised a robust GTM strategy, ensuring Aruti’s new solution was positioned effectively in the market.
  • Content and Social Media Plan: Our team developed a comprehensive content marketing plan along with a social media strategy to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

We took an integrated approach to launch and establish Aruti’s new product in the market effectively. 


Our solution included strategic planning, digital marketing initiatives, operational tool integration, and expert consulting in sales and customer experience, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive rollout.

‘They do what they say’, said an executive from the management team at Aruti on their experience with TCC. 

We developed a comprehensive solution encompassing various facets of business operations and marketing strategies:

  • Market Analysis and Pricing Strategy: Conducted detailed competition analysis and market research to gain insights into industry trends, customer needs, and competitor offerings. This informed the development of a competitive pricing strategy, balancing market rates with Aruti’s value proposition.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Crafted a tailored GTM strategy that outlined the steps for a successful product launch. This included identifying target customer segments, developing unique selling propositions, and mapping out the customer journey to ensure a seamless introduction of the product into the market.
  • Content and Social Media Marketing: Developed a content marketing strategy focused on highlighting Aruti’s product features, benefits, and differentiators. Implemented a social media marketing plan to increase brand awareness, engage with potential customers, and build a community around the brand.
  • SEO Implemention: Executed an SEO strategy to enhance Aruti’s online visibility. This involved optimizing website content with relevant keywords, improving site structure, and building quality backlinks to increase organic search traffic.
  • Business Operations Tools Implementation: Integrated essential business operations tools, such as a CRM system, to streamline sales processes and improve customer relationship management. This also included training the Aruti team on how to effectively utilize these tools.
  • Sales and Customer Experience Consulting: Provided consulting on sales strategies and customer experience management. This involved coaching on best practices, sales funnel optimization, and creating a customer-centric approach to service and support.

What Aruti loved while working with TCC was the culture fit and how our company values aligned with theirs.


The implementation of these strategies and tools led to a successful product launch for Aruti. They experienced an increase in customer engagement, improved sales processes, and a solidified market position. 

‘Our experience with Aruti has been nothing short of magical. From planning the smallest of things in the product launch process to building strategies, we got an opportunity to work with their teams and use our expertise to make a mark in the industry’, says Mehul, our co-founder. 

Our comprehensive approach also equipped their team with the necessary skills and tools for ongoing success in a competitive HR-tech market.

The implementation of these comprehensive solutions led to significant outcomes for Aruti:

  • Successful Product Launch: The GTM strategy led to a successful launch of Aruti’s new product, with positive reception in the market.
  • Increased Market Visibility: The SEO and content marketing efforts resulted in higher website traffic and improved search engine rankings, leading to increased brand visibility.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Social media and content marketing strategies boosted engagement with the target audience, resulting in higher interaction rates and community growth.
  • Streamlined Sales and CRM Processes: The integration of business operations tools streamlined sales processes, improved customer data management, and enhanced overall efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Acquisition and Retention: The strategic approach to sales and customer experience led to an increase in customer acquisition and improved customer retention rates.
Aruti improvement in processes
Aruti growth in organic reach
Aruti new sign ups
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