Step 1: Understanding Your Business & Goals

We talk with you to know about your brand and your business goals, background, years of experience, more about your history and most importantly, your ‘why’.

Step 2: The Gap Analysis

We understand how your current processes work, where you lack and the challenges you face to meet your goals. This gives us an idea on your potential and the area we need to cover.

Step 3: We Build Your ‘Plan of Action’

What makes us unique is the unique plan of action we build for your business towards your revenue growth from every aspect. Each operation is optimized for efficiency. With this, we share commercials for our services.

Step 4: Discussions and Explanations

We go through rounds of discussions with you and other stakeholders to clarify all your questions and concerns.

Step 5: Contracts and Agreements

Once all doubts are off the table, we move on to sign the service agreement between your brand and The Clueless Company.

Step 6: Payments and Invoices

While the above steps are happening, we raise the invoice for the first month, which once paid, would mark the start of our relationship and journey together.

Step 7: Execution and Monitoring

Once the execution of the Plan of Action begins, we keep you posted with the progress and help you with the KPIs we track for your brand’s growth.

Business and Product Growth Consulting

Our business consultation services include devising your growth strategies while considering factors such as market conditions, product fit, and requirements. We are the SaaS growth consultant that help you make these decisions by analysing your historical data, market positioning and more.

Customer Retention Consulting

We give utmost importance to customer loyalty. We help you build that with care and attention to make you the first choice of your audience. What takes years to build, we help you form the foundation of that.

Client retention consulting

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Frequently asked questions

We figured you might have some more questions about how we work, so we have answered some frequently asked questions. 

Yes, we do. We have helped some customers with executing strategies for one-time projects as well.

It depends on the KPIs we are tracking. Some KPIs need to be tracked monthly, whereas some quarterly. Rest assured that we will keep you posted with each KPI we track.

Yes, we do. We will coordinate with your current marketing agency as well as your internal team to implement all the strategies and processes we suggest. 

Do you still have questions on how we work?

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