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How Do We Mentor Startups?

Understanding your Business & Offerings

Familiarizing with Your Target Audience

Analysing Competitors

Building the Scope of Work & Plan of Action

Executing the Suggested Activities

Our Growth Strategy Consulting Services for Startups

We are startup mentors with a growth mindset. We help with strategy consulting for startups, such as marketing, sales, operations, team building and more; thus preparing you for funding or further goals. Our business consulting services for startups include:

Marketing Strategy & Execution

We build your marketing strategy that includes an action-packed go-to-market strategy and end-to-end content services under our marketing consulting.

Sales Training

We implement a strong inbound, outbound and channel sales strategy, including hiring, training, communications & more; based on your target market and industry.

Customer Retention Strategy

Customer delight and retention is at the core of any business’ success. Leverage our experience of 14 years in the field to boost your brand loyalty.

Product Roadmap & Development

We will be your true critics as you build your product gradually. Parallelly, we will guide you in planning a proper product roadmap based on various parameters.

Business Development Strategy

As startup consultants, we devise your business development strategies and help with their execution; from team expansion to brand exposure.

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Explore the predictive strength of leading indicators and the analytical power of lagging metrics to supercharge growth.

Unravel the complexities of SaaS valuation. Explore essential metrics and approaches to confidently assess the value of your SaaS venture.

Blend art and analytics in sales emails. Discover the science-backed components that ensure your pitches are persuasive and productive.

Frequently asked questions

You might have some questions about how we mentor startups. Find them answered here

We provide business consulting for startups from the B2B IT and SaaS sector.

No, we serve customers from all over the world. In fact, a couple of our customers are from overseas. Our experience belongs to serving and marketing to local and international audiences as well.
Once we gain understanding about your business and your requirements, we make a customized plan of action and share with you along with a custom quote. Because each business is unique, so are our strategies.
We have a pool of resources who are experienced in writing for B2B and D2C businesses; such as emails, blogs, website content, ad copies, presentations and everything in between.

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