The ONLY Sales Strategies You will Need in 2023 [Tried & Tested]


Someone once told me that my personality is just like a sales process. 

I know, I know, I had the same question and the same look you’re having right now. 

Confused with the analogy, aren't you?

But then followed the explanation on why they think so. 

If you know me personally, you know I am a very simple human. But, like any other human, I am engulfed by the omnipresent complexities of my life. Just how the sales process is. 

It sounds simple, but in reality, when you are in the middle of the shebang, you realize how vast it is.

So, I thought, why not make it a bit easier for you in 2023, starting with the sales strategies you can implement for your brand. 

And I promise, it is going to be as simple as saying yes to a dessert. 

The Tried & Tested Sales Strategies for 2023

Fair warning: Don’t go with the number of strategies, go with the depth and impact they will have on your sales numbers as a whole 🙂

1. Build a personal brand

It’s 2023, and I know I don’t need to tell you how vital personal branding is. 

And not just for your sales numbers or market positioning, but also to build a community that stands by you and supports the causes you believe in. 

Leads generated through personal brands convert 7 times more frequently than other leads[1]

I have met some amazing folks in sales building a personal brand and then leveraging it in the long run, because personal brands drive social selling. 

Protip: How to build a personal brand?

2. Implement sales automation

Before I talk about this, take note. 

Sales automation is NOT the same as marketing automation. 

Sales automation consists of lead generation funnel, conversion funnel, conversion optimization automation, lead nurturing set ups, and so much more, all of it which has nothing to do with marketing automation. 

Implementing sales automation will save your time, and help you focus on more productive and ROI-generating activities.

Money is guaranteed with these sales strategies.

That’s where a CRM comes in the picture. It makes these processes and steps a cakewalk for you. 

Pro-tip: Here are more reasons to invest in a CRM

3. Align with marketing, product and customer experience teams

A crucial, yet the most neglected sales strategy. 

You have no idea what magic a proper alignment among departments can do for your sales figures. 

The CX teams generate product development and enhancement requirements, which are then fulfilled by the development team, promoted by the marketing team and sold by the sales team. 

I mean, that would be an ideal world. But it isn’t. So, all you can do is attempt to align these departments at some level, so that you have your resources working together towards the same goals. 

Pro-tip: Did you know, TCC helps brands align these departments. 

4. Build Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)

ICP, a commonly used term in the world of sales, is in fact a decisive step for many professionals. 

Also known as lead profiling, this approach helps you filter unqualified leads and focus on those prospects who have the ability to become your customer. 

Experienced sales professionals like me gain a radar for such leads and prefer not to invest time and effort for those who may not be an ideal customer for the brand. 

5. Focus on value-based selling

After intent-based content, came value-based selling. 

Meaning to say, stop boasting and building castles for your brand in 2023. A majority of sales professionals promise something beyond their reach in order to drive sales, which further aggravates your customers and draws a negative experience. 

While I understand the intent, I do not empathize with it. It is never recommended to merely lie without any plans to fulfill those promises. 

It is better to be realistic, and sell the value your brand provides to customers instead of the same old ideas. 

Does your product/service help them with their brand growth?
Are they aligning with their long-term goals?  

These are a few questions to consider for value-based selling. 

6. Follow-ups, follow-ups, follow-ups

A blog by The Follow Up Ninja has to address this strategy. 

Yes, follow-ups aren’t a mere step anymore. They have risen to a full-blown strategy, an approach if you will, to drive engagement with your prospects. 

Pro-tip: Know the few steps to master the art of sales follow-ups.

7. Make an attempt to build relationships

In the world of personal brands and community building, it only makes sense to build and cultivate relationships. 

As I always say, if you want to make a sale, never sell. 

I tell you it’s going to be a tagline of my autobiography someday 😀

The impact lies in relationship building, because that won’t earn you some temporary money or commission in your bank account, rather, it would make you a human who looks beyond these facts and figures. 

8. Keep customer success in mind

It is 2023. If we don’t talk about customer experience and customer success now, when will we?

Over the past years, so many of the brands we know have shifted their focus from customer acquisition to customer retention and success. 

There have been separate departments formed for the sole purpose of ensuring customer success. 

As you talk your way through making a sale (yeah, yeah), do not forget the end goal – customer success. 

You’d be surprised to know that 37% of the companies don’t have a clearly defined customer success strategy[2]

9. Use video to your advantage

Surprised, aren’t you?

Now, you’d ask, what do videos have to do with sales strategies? 

But they do. Videos have recently enabled personalization in sales strategies. 

Professionals are leveraging platforms like Loom and Vimeo to send on-the-go video messages to connect with prospects at a better level. 

This has not only driven more sales, but also paved a way for positive rapport. 


If I have to tell you the truth, these are not sales strategies limited for 2023, but for years to come and beyond. 

Obviously, these will work best if they are combined with awesome marketing strategies. 

Marketing Strategies for 2023

I often say that sales is a game of patience. It tests you in and out, constantly. 

At the same time, it is also one of the most rewarding fields you’d be a part of. 

Which sales strategy do you think works best for your B2B? Mention it in the comments.