The Golden Rules: Do’s and Don’ts of a Winning SaaS Sales Demo


Have you ever contemplated purchasing a product or subscribing to a service but felt the necessity to witness the product or service in operation before reaching a decision? Perhaps this uncertainty stemmed from not understanding how it functioned or questioning its effectiveness in addressing a specific challenge you were encountering. 

You present a sales demo intending to finalize a deal. Through the sales demo, you illustrate to a potential customer precisely how your product or service caters to their distinct requirements, addressing any challenges or issues they may be facing. This compelling demonstration motivates the prospect to consider purchasing your product or service, or at the very least, encourages them to delve deeper to learn more for potential conversion in the future.

Having said that now, let’s discuss the product demo pitfalls and understand why they hold significant importance for the user.

Must Know Don’ts Of SaaS Sales Product Demo

Because we must know what NOT to do first, let’s go over the don’ts of a sales demo of a SaaS product.

1. Initiate with the product

When conducting sales demos, it is crucial to initiate the discussion by addressing the problem your product solves rather than immediately presenting the product. Starting with the product can make the client defensive, perceiving an attempt to sell them something unnecessary.

Instead, focus on articulating the problem your product resolves and demonstrate how it can assist the client in overcoming challenges. This approach fosters receptivity and engagement during the demo.

2. Assume you know the client’s needs

Avoid the mistake of assuming you know the client’s needs, as this may result in overlooking opportunities to identify pain points and tailor the demo accordingly.

Instead of making assumptions, ask probing questions and attentively listen to the client’s input. This method enables a deeper understanding of their needs, building trust and positioning you as a partner in their success.

3. Overload with features

Another common error is overwhelming the demo with an abundance of features, potentially distracting the client from the core value proposition.

Concentrate on what is most relevant to the client’s needs, illustrating how your product specifically addresses their problems and adds value to their business.

4. Rush Through

Rushing through the demo is a frequent mistake that can leave clients confused and unconvinced.

To prevent this, take the time to explain concepts clearly and address any questions that arise, instilling confidence in your product and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

5. Neglect Design and UX

Neglecting design and user experience can create a negative impression of your product.

Investing in good design and user experience ensures your product is perceived as modern, easy to use, and valuable to the client’s business.

6. Leave Key Stakeholders

Include all key stakeholders in the demo process to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Ensuring that everyone relevant is involved helps establish a clear understanding of the product and its potential value to the business.

7. No Backup Plan

Anticipate technical issues that may arise during the demo and have a backup plan in place to prevent frustration on the client’s end.

Being prepared for potential challenges ensures a smooth demo experience.

8. Oversell

Lastly, avoid overselling the product by providing an honest assessment of its limitations and potential challenges.

Transparency enables clients to make informed decisions about whether your product aligns with their business needs.

Must Know Do’s Of SaaS Sales Demo

Now let’s discuss the must-dos that you should adhere to and take into account when crafting your sales demos.

This will help meet your client’s needs and establish a consistent, efficient, and replicable process for both yourself and your fellow representatives.

1. Personalize the demo

Tailor the sales demonstration to align with the unique needs of the prospect you are engaging with. It is essential to streamline the demo, customizing it to their specific situation by providing only the crucial information relevant to them.

Ensure that the demonstration effectively showcases how your product addresses its pain points and fulfills its requirements. Prospects and customers are primarily interested in features that positively impact them, so the demo should emphasize these aspects.

2. Explain the ‘Why’

Throughout the presentation, always articulate the “why” behind each point. Communicate why your product surpasses competitors, why it is an ideal solution for managing the prospect’s challenges, and why choosing you for business is advantageous.

Highlighting reasons our current customers love your product can significantly enhance the persuasiveness of the demo, differentiating you from other companies.

3. Be Adaptable 

Maintain adaptability throughout the sales demo steps, treating them as a flexible script. This approach ensures consistency, professionalism, and an on-brand experience for all prospects.

Running through various scenarios with the sales manager equips you to handle diverse situations, and reviewing common prospect questions enables you to provide quick, helpful, and impactful responses on the spot.

Every interaction, prospect, company, and situation is distinct, so be prepared to adjust the demo as needed. This flexibility demonstrates our commitment to meeting the prospects where they are and supporting their unique needs.

4. Listen

Prioritize active listening before, during, and after delivering the sales demo. Pay close attention to the prospect’s needs, pain points, concerns, questions, and feedback, allowing for customization of the demo and future conversations tailored to their requirements.

Additionally, listen to fellow reps, who provide valuable insights into refining the demo process based on real-world interactions with prospects.

5. Include Real Data

When incorporating real data into the demo, leverage it to emphasize the effectiveness of our products and services. Fearlessly share data on our company’s success and the percentage of satisfied customers who have resolved challenges similar to the prospects with our solutions.

If prospects seek specific information about our product’s capabilities, provide real data illustrating how our solution functions and delivers results.

Exemplary SaaS Product Demo Examples

Explore these exemplary product demo videos for inspiration in crafting your presentation tailored to individual prospects. These standard demos can serve as templates that are easily adaptable to suit your specific audience.

  1. Slack

Slack takes a unique approach with a dynamic landing page resembling a timeline. As you scroll, it unveils additional product features and video demonstrations, offering a step-by-step walkthrough of the tool’s key functionalities. Witness this unconventional product demo here.

  1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey’s demo is concise and to the point. Utilizing animation, it efficiently showcases the primary features and functionalities of the survey tool, ensuring a brief yet impactful presentation.

  1. Owl Labs

Differing from software demonstrations, Owl Labs introduces the features of a physical product. The demo captivates viewers through storytelling, illustrating real-life applications of the device for an engaging and informative experience.

  1. Databox

Databox commences its demo by outlining the challenges faced by its customers prior to adopting its solution. Through a voiceover, the video provides an overview of the product’s functionality, segmenting the demo into distinct sections for easy navigation to features relevant to the specific prospect you’re engaging with.


In summary, post-demo follow-up is an essential stage in the sales process that should not be underestimated. Maintaining communication with prospective customers and offering ongoing value enhances relationship building and elevates the chances of successfully sealing the deal.

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