The Clueless Company: Where it Began, and Where it’s Headed to

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No place is perfect, Problems are everywhere, what actually matters is what we decide to do about those problems.

Aditi (our intern)

Hello, we are TCC. Today, in this blog we would like to take you on the journey of how we began, assembled everything and where we find ourselves now.

Thank you for taking out time to read our blog, we hope you have a good time here.

Moment of TCC’s Birth

Mehul Fanawala was working in sales and support for about 13 years when he realized that there are multiple problems in the respective operations across a majority of organizations.

He and his colleagues in the workplace were frequently facing these issues. There were discussions and suggestions around them but never really a permanent solution.

That was the birth of the idea behind TCC, a startup that solves these problems once and for all.

A consultancy service for B2B SaaS companies that focused on sales, and support equally and efficiently.

Then, began the conquest and doubts of leaving a well-paid and secure job for a new business. The success of which was rather uncertain. Or should he continue doing what he was initially doing, but at the cost of job satisfaction.

Mehul chose the former and decided to proceed with this idea while keeping all uncertainty and doubt aside. TCC had now begun to develop at the surface. 

Team Building

Beginning a startup from scratch is not something easy. We needed to build a website and make it appealing enough to attract visitors, as well as spread the word about this new business (basically market it).

Fortunately, Mehul was not alone. He had previously worked with Manasi Shah, a seasoned marketer, automation specialist, fantastic storyteller, and all-around terrific human being. Mehul wanted to onboard Manasi as a coworker at TCC, but Manasi kept denying the offer.

Although, she never refused to help. She assisted Mehul in building the website for TCC, developing marketing strategies for the company and everything that came in between.

Mehul was persistent (he is the follow-up Ninja. Duh!) and while working on TCC, Manasi gradually fell in love with the process as well. And after a lot of convincing, Mehul finally onboarded Manasi as TCC’s first official co-worker.

TCC was now a two-person team. 2 people with diverse work styles and opinions on practically everything, but the united goal was to change the perception of Marketing, Sales and Support.

Getting Clients Onboard 

TCC had finally entered the market, and now it was time to enroll clients. It was time to look for people who were willing to put their faith in us.

Nikhil Aggarwal’s Swyftin, was the first to do so. We will be eternally grateful to them for believing in us and launching TCC.

Getting customers was challenging at first, but relationships from the past were really helpful. People began working with TCC once it was out and down in the market because of word of mouth.

In fact, TCC’s first overseas client was brought on board as a result of a reference.

And as we approached the end of TCC’s first five months of operation, we had attained the milestone of ten customers.

This was a significant milestone for TCC because Mehul and Manasi had previously decided to begin hiring after they reached a total of ten customers (TCC is on the lookout for new co-workers). As a result, the hunt started.

To learn more about how the hiring process went, see part 2 of this blog, where we’ll discuss how and who we hired, as well as some of the challenges we had and how we overcame them.

In the meantime, check out our awesome team.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed it.