Do Industry Awards Matter in Your B2B Niche? The Answer Might Surprise You


In the competitive world of business, companies are constantly seeking ways to differentiate themselves and gain an edge over their competitors. One method that has gained significant attention is the attainment of certifications and awards. But do these recognitions really matter? 

More specifically, do awards boost sales in B2B? And do certifications have an impact too?

Let’s delve deeper into understanding the importance of these accolades and their impact on sales.

The Importance of Awards and Certifications in B2B

Certifications and awards serve as a testament to a company’s commitment to excellence, quality, and adherence to industry standards. 

They are a form of third-party validation that reassures potential clients of a company’s credibility and reliability. 

Here is why certifications and awards are important, especially in B2B. 

1. Building trust and credibility

In the B2B landscape, trust and credibility are paramount. Certifications and awards can serve as a powerful tool to build this trust. 

They provide tangible proof of a company’s expertise, quality, and commitment to industry standards.

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2. Differentiating from competitors

In a crowded marketplace, standing out from the crowd can be a daunting task.

Certifications and awards can provide a competitive edge, setting a company apart from its competitors and positioning it as a leader in its field.

3. Increasing brand visibility

Certifications and awards can significantly increase a company’s visibility. 

They can be prominently displayed on a company’s website, marketing materials, and social media platforms, attracting attention and sparking interest among potential clients.

4. Enhancing customer perception

Awards and certifications can positively influence how customers perceive a business.

They can enhance a company’s image, reinforce its value proposition, and make it more appealing to potential clients.

5. Boosting sales effectiveness

Certifications and awards can boost a company’s sales effectiveness by providing a compelling reason for clients to choose its products or services over those of its competitors.

Most certifying and accrediting companies have badges or trademarks that can be openly posted on your website. Conversion rates have been seen to rise by as much as 30% in some cases.

Just Digital

6. Expanding market reach

With the right certifications and awards, a company can expand its market reach.

They can open doors to new markets and opportunities, leading to increased sales and growth.

7. Driving customer loyalty

Certifications and awards can also drive customer loyalty.

They can create a sense of pride and satisfaction among existing customers, encouraging them to continue doing business with the company.

How to Leverage Certifications and Awards to Increase B2B Sales?

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that certifications and awards can indeed boost sales in B2B. 

They can enhance a company’s reputation, increase its visibility, and instill trust in potential clients.

81% of respondents indicated that trust in a brand is a deal-breaker or a deciding factor in their buying decision.

Edelman Trust Barometer

Here is how you can use your certifications and awards to boost sales for your B2B. 

1. Showcase on Multiple Platforms

To maximize the impact of awards and certifications, businesses should showcase these accolades across various channels. 

This includes adding them to the company website, social media profiles, email signatures, and marketing materials. Highlighting awards in newsletters and press releases can also capture the attention of potential clients.

2. Incorporate into Sales Pitches and Proposals

Including awards and certifications in sales pitches and proposals can significantly influence the decision-making process of potential clients. 

It provides tangible evidence of a company’s excellence and commitment to quality.

3. Use as a Tool for Storytelling

Awards and certifications can be powerful storytelling tools. Brands can share their journey to achieving these accolades, focusing on the challenges they overcame and the standards they strive to uphold. 

This approach not only humanizes the brand but also reinforces its values and dedication to excellence.

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4. Leverage for Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions reflect the correct behavior. 

Featuring testimonials from awarding bodies or details about the certification process on your website and sales materials can act as strong social proof, influencing B2B buyers’ decisions.


In conclusion, certifications and awards can indeed boost sales in B2B. They can build trust and credibility, differentiate a company from its competitors, increase brand visibility, enhance customer perception, boost sales effectiveness, and expand market reach. 

However, the key to leveraging these accolades effectively lies in how they are communicated to the target audience. 

By strategically showcasing awards and certifications, businesses can significantly enhance their appeal to potential clients, ultimately driving sales and fostering business growth.