6 Reasons to Partner with TCC for White Label Marketing Services


Up until sometime ago, I used to believe that there are innumerable marketing agencies out there. And there are. 

But not as many as it seems to be. 

When I dug deeper, I understood that this is the effect of white label marketing services. 

Thankfully, curiosity did not kill the cat here, and I got a chance to share how it works, and how you as a business owner can benefit from this strategy. 

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What is White Label Marketing Service? 

Let me start by explaining what exactly this means. 

White-label marketing service is when marketing agencies provide services to your clients under your brand name. 

Say you are into service business and want to add marketing services to your list of offerings, you can very well partner with marketing agencies who are willing to provide their services to your clients. 

This ensures that your clients do not have to deal with different service providers to get their work done. 

Now that we’ve covered this, let me explain the benefits of partnering with such a service provider, of course, more than what’s said above. 

Benefits of Partnering with a White Label Marketing Service Provider

Sparing the obvious, let’s see what benefits you can have once you collaborate for white label marketing services. 

1. Your Clients Remain Yours

It goes without saying that partnering with a white label marketing service provider gives you full access and right to your clients. 

They remain yours, to be counted in one of the many successful case studies you share. 

2. Higher Customer Satisfaction and Stickiness

Now, if you partner with a service provider, they won’t be any less than the best in their field. 

The end result is, your customers getting hands-on access to quality services.

This boosts their satisfaction, which turns them into your brand loyalists. 

And, do I need to tell you that customer acquisition is costlier than customer retention?

3. Boosts Your Revenue

Because you will have more services to offer to your potential customers, you will tend to onboard more customers, even more so for the long term. 

Not to mention, you can charge your customers more than the agency takes, to earn recurring revenue. Eventually, the partnership can become an effective sales channel. 

This boosts your overall revenue as well as average revenue per user/customer (ARPU). 

4. Lesser Efforts and Time Invested for Each Customer

When you outsource your marketing services to an agency, you do not need to follow your customers through for each task and each milestone. 

You can rest assured that the service provider will handle it end-to-end, without you having to invest much time and effort. 

Happier customers and more customers against limited involvement.  

5. Reduced Overheads and Expenses

Joining hands with a digital marketing agency for white label services reduces your overheads and expenses of infrastructure and hiring full-time resources to get the job done. 

As a result, your profit margin improves while you maintain a lean team. 

6. You Get to Focus on Business Development

If marketing is not your expertise, you certainly don’t want to get into providing those services yourself.

However, with a white label marketing service provider in picture, you neither lose a customer for those services, nor the opportunity to focus on your business development. 

Pssstt, I have heard that building a personal brand is becoming increasingly crucial these days. You might want to give it a try?

How does The Clueless Company Provide White Label Marketing Services?

Considering that we at The Clueless Company provide end-to-end digital marketing services for startups and established businesses, you may as well count us in as your partner in offering these services to your audience. 

Here’s how you can collaborate with TCC for white label marketing services. 

Step 1: Drop an email to we@theclueless.company about your company and your current offerings

Step 2: All of us get on a call to discuss business opportunities together

Step 3: More discussions and negotiations

Step 4: We decide the terms and conditions of the partnership

Step 5: All of us sign the agreement. 

Step 6: And voila, we are partners 🙂

That was about how you can partner with TCC. 

Now, I am sure you’d like to know how we provide these services. Well, here you go. 

Step 1: We understand your customers, their pain points and business goals

Step 2: We get familiar with their industry and audience with thorough research

Step 3: We share a plan of action based on the information receives so far 

Step 4: Once the plan of action is approved, we prepare a list of monthly deliverables and corresponding quotation (which you can quote as per our agreement)

Step 5: If all is good for your customer, and the payment is received, we get started with the deliverables

Step 6: We ensure regular communication with the customer, along with monthly reports of campaign performance

Step 7: We continuously work on optimizing the customers’ results and are at their beck and all throughout the tenure

What makes TCC different from other agencies is our experience and well embedded know-how of various industries and operational aspects of marketing. 

Get a glimpse of what all we offer under digital marketing services

What Factors Should You Consider to have a White Label Marketing Service Partnership? 

I don’t need to emphasize the fact that partnerships should be carried forward only if there’s trust, with similarities in attitude and the end goal. 

That’s what people write when they talk about new partnerships, right? 

But, I am going to go out on a limb here, and share what I think you should consider before finalizing your white label marketing service partner. 

Marketing is as simple as ABC. No, seriously, it is. Once you know what your audience wants to hear, and where they hear, you have scored it, big time. 

But, as easy as it sounds, trends change as quickly as we change tissues. 

And a good marketing agency needs to ride on these trends, not only for themselves, but for their customers too. 

Have a look at their social media handles and blogs to know if they are aware of the trends. 

Moreover, the service provider should be familiar with marketing automation as well as the use of CRM, email marketing systems and the likes. 

Here are a few marketing trends of 2024 you should know about. 

2. Past Experiences

When I say past experiences, I don’t mean with any random customers, but with those customers who belong to the industry you cater to.

Otherwise, it won’t do any good if the experiences conflict with your interests and business goals. 

A partnership has to be a win-win. Period. 

3. Pricing and Services

Not every customer, not every industry is going to have the same spending capacity. 

So, if you are aware of how much your customers would be willing to pay for outsourced marketing services, collaborate with only those agencies that are quoting around or under that amount. 

Along with, explore the purview of their services to understand how comprehensively they can help your customers. 

4. Professionalism

In the corporate world, especially when push comes to shove, you simply cannot come up with excuses for not getting things done. 

And if your prospective partners know this, and practice it, they are a good candidate. 

You need partners who understand how important customer service is, and focus on it consistently. 

5. Guarantees and Promises

Okay, so there are no guarantees in SEO. 

There, I said it. 

And if there’s an agency who promises this, I would think twice before trusting them. 

Why? Because no one, absolutely no one has the control over Google or other search engines and SERPs. 

Yes, Google has also clarified this here

In addition, while many agencies and lead generation companies promise a fixed number of leads or revenue, it is a challenge to understand and follow the market dynamics. Unless, you’re into bigshot AI and data management. 

Go for someone who is true to their word.

In Conclusion 

Whether you get leads looking for marketing services, or you upsell marketing services to them, it is important to realize your revenue-generation potential before you look for a partner.

You can try that agency’s services for your business, maybe on a consulting basis to see their work ethics and whether they fit to your standards. 

This is a summary of what all I found about white label marketing services, and how The Clueless Company can ally with you and be a part of your business growth. 

What’s your thought on this? Would you go for this business strategy?